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About Us

Logos Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Manufacture

Logos Furniture is located in Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia. With over 12 years of experience and clients of all sizes all over the world, Logos Furniture will make your buying experience hassle-free.

All the furniture is handcrafted and made using reclaimed timber which promotes Logos’philosophy of sustainable and eco-friendly living.

Artfully crafted from reclaimed wood, our furniture are built to last. Picking up on the industrial décor trend, recycling items adds a raw, dynamic feel to any home, office, or retail establishment.

By combining these materials in a fresh way, you can see the inherent beauty in the simple forms themselves. And because each part has its own individual pattern and shape, each item is unique.

The collection is a natural extension of our other pottery lines where neutral colors and clean, simple shapes complement both Western and Asian tastes.